Commercial Water Damage Reno

Commercial Water Damage Nevada

Swift response

Water damage repair in Nevada has kept us ahead of our competition because of our top-notch services. Our response time to the building’s water emergency has never been late for the past ten years. You can always count on our technicians to respond as quickly as possible on weekends and holidays. Serving people suffering from natural disasters is what we have been doing for a long time. 

Preemptive measures 

In a water emergency, the priority is to prevent the people’s lives inside the building from being injured while minimizing the cost of damages to the building where the water damage originated from inside the building. 

This step also protects all the gadgets and appliances from a short circuit by cutting the main power supply to the building. Finally, to prevent further damage from the property, close all the primary and secondary water supply valves to prevent a flood-like scenario arising from any plumbing problem. 

Assessment and planning

Following the initial security measures, the next step is to create a plan for the entire project. Unless you plan, you plan to fail, according to the experts. Our experts understand it very well and prepare for damage repair and the process and costs involved. Transparency and ease are our priorities throughout the process; we will keep you informed at every significant step. 

Water removal

The real work now begins. In case of no electricity inside the building, the pumps and motors are set up to run on generators. Suction pumps with this level of power can remove all the water within an hour of installation. Of course, the repair cost will be higher whenever you delay the water removal step, so we focus on minimizing your expenses throughout the process.

Drying and dehumidification

It is difficult to detect the underlying water molecules if water touches the porous surface unless you see swelling, mold, or mildew later on. We use modern tools and scientific methods to identify areas where water molecules have absorbed and destroyed property and people.

With the moist detector and robust dryers, our technician dries all places that may have absorbed water. These safe dryers are designed to ensure that hidden water molecules are not trapped in the area.

Repair and restoration

As part of our water damage restoration process, we are focused on damage mitigation. All of the salvageable inventory will be repaired by our technicians at a low cost by offering the most advanced, professional services. In Nevada, you will find a higher level of satisfaction. Once the property was repaired, we also looked for ways to protect you from future incidents of this nature.