Commercial Water Restoration

Water damage has been causing problems in both commercial and residential properties for a long time. In fact, over the last ten years, the Commercial Water Damage Nevada has provided clients with the most cutting-edge services in the state of Nevada, which has brought smiles to thousands of people. We focus on minimizing the damage, ensuring a low bill, and offering solutions that will prevent similar problems in the future. As master water damage technicians, our technicians use the latest scientific techniques so we can keep your property safe from the harmful effects of water damage, including hidden water molecules. 

Typical water damage scenario

Commercial and residential properties suffer from a variety of water damage situations. Even though hidden leaks are the most destructive and common situation in town, there will always be a risk of flooding. Regardless of the reasons, people are unaware that there is a hidden leak and, as a result, the leak develops damage before you can contact our technicians. 

Possible symptoms of hidden leaks

You have the opportunity to prevent collateral damage to your property once you have figured out whether you have a hidden leak in your house. Some of the symptoms include: 

Excessive bills

If your utility bills appear high even though you are not using much water or electricity, then there might be a leak in your house that wastes your resources. The leak may be hidden from view but could be devastating if left unattended. For example, the property has occasionally become uninhabitable due to a hidden leak in the floor. 

Running water sound

When a hidden leak creates a running water sound inside the floor, there is a hidden leak that allows water to spill and make a sound. In addition, the water flowing underneath would wash all the sand from the slabs, and the walls would crack, or the floor might sink if there was a gap underneath the slabs. 

Stale smell

Water lying scattered somewhere must be adding a stale scent to the air around because it has to release the smell of contaminated water. There is the possibility of water-drenching carpets and other furniture when there is a slab leak. Moreover, a soaked piece of clothing would emit a foul smell and create an unpleasant feeling for the person wearing it. 

The stale smell of the room will cause rot to develop in the wood of the columns, furniture, and other made-up areas of the house due to the dampness. Due to the wet air, you will suffer wood rot and expensive damage.


The growth of mold depends on a constant flow of water molecules. In homes and businesses, molds and mildew are likely to grow in areas where there is a hidden leak that provides a source of freshwater to the molds. Health scientists and doctors agree that it is not a good idea to breathe in air that has mold or mildew. To ensure the safety of your property and the people inside the building, you must immediately contact mold removal services and get the leak fixed right away.