Water Damage Cleanup

When it comes to water damage cleanup in Nevada, we are the obvious choice. Our expert analysis and efficient plans can keep up with our industry’s competition. In addition, our commitment to excellent customer service has helped us become the top Water Damage Cleanup provider in the industry. Providing such services has been one of our specialties for ten years. 

Remediation of water leaks:

A water leak remediation involves repairing the damages caused by the leak in the facility. A water leak remediation involves the following steps:

Rapid response and repair

Our company repaired the damaged property caused by a leaking pipe or appliance. As the first step in the remediation of a water leak, our technicians will promptly respond and reach your location so that the remediation can start. A team of experts remains on standby to help you mitigate the damage as quickly as possible. Within minutes from our arrival, the water will stop flowing. 

Maintaining cleanliness 

If you want to minimize the damage and save your property from the damaging effects of water, it is necessary to clean the area from the leaking water. To remove all the water from our facility and clean the water in the area, we utilize robust water extraction pumps and industrial-grade tools. Our drain specialists can also unclog drains that have been clogged by debris or other materials. 


Afterward, the porous areas will undergo a drying process that removes all the hidden water molecules. Water molecules are hidden in dry walls, floors, and subfloors, so we look for them with innovative tools and ideas. Using our newest tools, we can identify all the areas that have soaked up water and will continue to do so in the future, causing swelling and mold or mildew to grow. As a preventative measure, we implemented lasting measures. We clean all the water molecules from the facility using air scrubbing and powerful yet safe warmers. 

Inspect and sterilize

The damage caused by water cannot be cleaned and dried. Cleaning is a safe process by using gentle chemicals on humans and pets but harsh on germs and bacteria. Sanitizing floors and drywall and using chemicals to thoroughly clean and sanitize washable items are part of our routine. 


The second last step will be to restore all items that can be salvaged from the facility that has suffered water damage. In the event of damage, we minimize the impact on your valuables, inventory, drywall, and flooring through our damage mitigation process.

 The use of scientific methods and modern technology, combined with our decades of experience, allows us to restore almost all salvageable items to their original condition before the water damage occurred. 


After all the damaged items have been repaired, they must be reinstalled so that the building owner feels as if nothing has changed, as though nothing ever happened. Over the past decade, we have won the hearts of people in Austin with our scientific methods and modern tools in restoring the building.